About Lori Janeson

Lori Janeson splits her time between Winnipeg, Manitoba, and her family’s vacation home —  about two hours north of the city, on the beautiful western shore of Lake Winnipeg.

Lori Janeson: Gull Harbour Marina

Lori and her husband, David Janeson, own Gull Harbour Marina, a small resort and boat dock near the northeastern tip of Hecla Island.

The Janesons purchased the property in 2016 and immediately began refurbishing its machine shop, boat storage facility, restaurant, and guest rooms. Her current primary duties include overseeing guest room renovations.

Lori Janeson: Family, Nature Photography & Travel

Lori and David have three children. The youngest is soon to enter middle school, the middle child is enjoying high school, and the oldest is completing his final year of high school.

Lori devotes much of her time to ferrying the kids between school, sports, extracurriculars, and home. She’s a big supporter of community causes close to her family as well, including fundraising for a much-needed expansion project at a local elementary school.

On weekends, Lori Janeson and the kids make time for outdoor activities: nature photography, hiking, kayaking, and canoeing. And she’s adamant about taking at least one family vacation each year. They’ve been to Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, England, France, Hawaii, New Zealand, and Fiji, among other far-flung destinations. Not all trips are so exotic, of course: Lori’s family still owns the Saskatchewan farm on which she grew up, and she’s only too happy to give her own kids a taste of working life on the prairie each summer.